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Sample Personal Financial Statement

If you want to see a snapshot of your finances at a particular point in time or wish to monitor fluctuations in the value of your assets or level of liabilities and net worth, you may find the sample Personal Financial Statement helpful. Each time you prepare a Personal Financial Statement you create a snapshot of your finances at a particular point in time. To monitor fluctuations in your finances, you may choose to prepare a financial statement periodically (on a set date every month, quarter, bi-yearly etc.) and compare statements.

Once you document all asset and liability figures, total your assets and liabilities. Next, subtract total liabilities from total assets to determine your net worth figure.

Cash $__________
Checking $__________
Savings $__________
Securities $__________
Accounts/Notes Receivable $__________
Real Estate $__________
Household Goods $__________
Vehicles $__________
Cash Value Life Insurance $__________
401(k) Plan $__________
Individual Retirement Accounts $__________
Other Assets $__________
TOTAL ASSETS $__________
Notes Payable $__________
Accounts/Bills Due $__________
Credit Cards Payable $__________
Vehicle Loans $__________
Unpaid Taxes $__________
Real Estate Mortgages Payable $__________
Land Contracts Payable $__________
Life Insurance Loans $__________
Other Liabilities $__________
NET WORTH $__________
(Assets always equal Total Liabilities and Net Worth)
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